"Deleuze and Guattari do not hide this much: return to Kant, here’s what they came up with to exorcise the Hegelian ghost."

- Alain Badiou

"…anarchism is merely the flipside of conservative structuralism. The drift is the shadow of the combinatory…"

- Alain Badiou 

"The dissipative structures of the anti-dialectic appear as islands in this sea of disorder: oases of calm in places of violence: moments when the beast pauses for breath…"

- Malcolm Bull, ‘States of Failure’

The first tool produced by man at the very instant of becoming man was the stone knife. Human reason produces knives because it works like a knife, and it works like a knife because it produces knives. — Vilém Flusser, Vampyroteuthis Infernalis

…philosophy is like the attic where, in difficult times, one accumulates resources, lines up tools, and sharpens knives. — Alain Badiou, Infinite Thought 

"…we cannot all be homines sacri: the solitary werewolf may be alienated from his culture, but when we all become werewolves there is no more wolf and no more man."

- Malcolm Bull, ‘Vectors of the Biopolitical’ 

"Milton produced Paradise Lost for the same reason a silkworm produces silk."

- Karl Marx, Theories of Surplus Value 

Rebecca Cairns
Rebecca Cairns 

Frontiers of Extinction: A Conversation About Michael Mann’s “Public Enemies” on Notebook

"Lives that are not considered grievable become a target for annihilation in order to protect those lives that are worthy of ‘living’."

- Judith Butler, Frames of War (via sukoot)

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"We do not remain in ourselves, we do not leave ourselves. Just in between: we get a bump, a bruise, a blood clot."

- Jean-Luc Nancy, ‘Imm/Trans’

"Transcen­dence immanatizes itself [s’immanentise], like a bad infinite running behind its ghost, immanence undoes itself, like a rotting corpse."

- Jean-Luc Nancy, ‘Imm/Trans’