Collapse Is the Name for the Collision Between Economy and Ecology: A Response to Joshua Ramey (A Non-Philosophical Theory of Nature Book Event)

"…just as there is a boiling point of idealism, where all spirit evaporates, so there is a freezing point of materialism, where nothing moves anymore—unless, of course, one cheats by introducing the spirit incognito, for instance in the form of the ‘vital force,’ which no one can define."

- Rüdiger Safranski, Martin Heidegger: Between Good and Evil


by Rebecca Cairns

"…the banal refusal to believe in a God is self-contradictory and satisfies small-thinking, the refusal to believe in a good God is the true rebellion."

- François Laruelle, Future Christ 

"Gnosticism…has produced something like the counterprinciples to the principles of existence."

- Eric Voegelin

"My wound existed before me;
I was born to embody it."

- Joë Bousquet    

"Jail Was Heat"; Or, From the Empty Space of the Secular to the Generic Time of Suffering: A Response to Alex Dubilet (A Non-Philosophical Theory of Nature Book Event)