"Peace is a certain resistance to the terrible satisfactions of war."

- Judith Butler

Society for Contemporary Thought and the Islamicate World - EVENTS

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, and my ways are not your ways."

- Isaiah 55:8

"[G]eneric being has its own theory of the event. Instead of politics, morality, or theology, the generic event is ethical practice. The generic is a lived relation, and therefore defined as an ethos. It follows no explicit goals and is subservient to no state of affairs, and is thus rooted strictly in practice. Practice may be the practice of nature, but it can also be, as it is here, the practice of entities themselves. But this is an ethos of negation, not affirmation. The slogan now is not ‘Liberate your desires,’ as it was with continuous being. The new slogan for generic being is ‘We have no demands’ or ‘Withdraw, and leave being behind.’ The mission is no longer to identify and legitimate new subject positions, as in the socially visible monikers of woman, proletarian, queer, and so on, but to slough off the very apparatus of subject formation that obliges a person to assume such a position. Yet even then, through the very rejection of subject position, the generic being aches a generalized woman, a generalized proletarian, a generalized queer."

- Alexander R. Galloway, Laruelle: Against the Digital 

"Instead of mere ontic darkness, generic being achieves an ontological darkness, and hence beckons toward the kind of crypto-ontology of pure blackness evident in Laruelle."

- Alexander R. Galloway, Laruelle: Against the Digital

"Instead of the queer consumer, generic being produces something like a queer communism, in which the absence of a shared essential nature serves, perhaps ironically, as the common infrastructure for a new ethical life. Within generic being, therefore, the goal is not to liberate affect; the goal is to starve and suppress it. The self must not be granted new access to representation, new access to the metaphysical apparatus but rather self must decline such access. Throughly monastic in its structure , generic being nevertheless achieves a more profound sublimity: love in an intimacy unbound by any fetish; a body in balance with an energy never wasted or exploited; communion through the absolute suspension of violence against the other; the self-revelation of being a something, whatever it is."

- Alexander R. Galloway, Laruelle: Against the Digital 

Pierre Bourdieu 

"Laruellean events are … a kind of static preemption. They are static because the agency of the event is not predicated on the execution of the event; static realities are ‘known in advance’ of any actualization."

- Alexander R. Galloway, Laruelle: Against the Digital

"The story of the one is not the story of the Garden of Eden. The one is not transcendental, nor is it mythological. On the contrary, it is real, which means it is closest to us, quite literally the least theological, the least speculative."

- Alexander R. Galloway, Laruelle: Against the Digital