"…I don’t think we can speak anymore of the virtues of the tactical, the marginal, the local, the different, and so on. Tiny things won’t save us from big things. It’s more a question of realizing that this hierarchy of scales simply doesn’t exist. Thought has gone from thinking difference to thinking universality, as if these corresponded to different scales, to little and big. But they don’t. Carbon atoms and the biosphere directly communicate. We’re living in an era of thinking about how tiny things are simultaneously big things, particularly in such an intensively networked world. We have tended to think local/global and different/same and little/big as concepts collapsed onto one another. Instead, it’s time to think the scale-free mesh."

- McKenize Wark

"We don’t take kindly to authorities who claim to have been granted exclusive rights by the other to be its representatives, be they God-botherers or Lacanians."

- McKenzie Wark 

Climate Science as Sensory Infrastructure | The White Review

"The poem holds its ground on its own margin. In order to endure, it constantly calls and pulls itself back from an ‘already-no-more’ into a ‘still-here.’"

- Paul Celan, Meridian Speech (via imkrebsgang)

(via imkrebsgang)