"Ethics, applied to history, is the doctrine of revolution[;] applied to the state, the doctrine of anarchy."

- Walter Benjamin


by Rebecca Cairns

"Serenity is merely a kind of armistice between irreconcilable impulses."

- Pierre Klossowski, Nietzsche and the Vicious Circle (via aidsnegligee)

We call such programs algorithms, and a great number of priests sanctified themselves.

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"To be a philosopher you need to read everything, newspapers, magazines, books—you must know a lot of things…not a lot of things: everything about the world and the whole universe. And that is if you really want to be a real philosopher and not just someone who just takes notes on Heidegger or something. For me, I am too lazy, too old, and too tired to start to understand the whole universe. But, I am fine with that."

- Béla Tarr 

"The ray of light that reveals the whole to be untrue in all its moments is none other than utopia, the utopia of the whole truth, which has yet to be revealed."

- Theodor Adorno, “The Experiential Content of Hegel’s Philosophy” (via nowthenwhatever)

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Equaliberty - Review by Amy E Wendling - Marx & Philosophy Review of Books